CNC Precision Machining Services

So what can you expect from IAI? High quality machining, tooling and production across a deep variety of parts for a broad range of industries—produced to exacting specification faster than you may have thought possible. We’ve developed processes both equipment processes and training programs to be efficient with production time and reduce turnaround time. The investment we’ve made in these machines, our processes, procedures, all combine into reduced lead-time.

  • Horizontal and vertical turning
  • Live tooling and sub spindling
  • Four axis full contouring for both horizontal and vertical milling
  • Cellular manufacturing configuration for high-volume, high-capacity parts production that reduces machine time without sacrificing quality
CNC Precision Machining

Horizontal and Vertical CNC Precision Machining Services & Capabilities

With a broad cross section of turning lathes available, IAI can handle small, medium-sized and large parts. We specialize in short production runs, prototype work, and repair work—and offer complete in-house product testing and quality control for every part we machine.

Horizontal Turning

Up to 36” capacity:

Small parts: ¼” – 1” diameter

Medium parts: 1” – 6” diameter

Large parts: 6” – 12” diameter

24” Chuck, 20” Turning Ø x 120” Between Centers

Vertical Turning

Up to 90” diameter

Up to 84” (7’ tall)

Turret Lathe, 48” Chuck, 60” Swing, 72” Under Rail


Horizontal Machining Center, 4 Axis

100” x 60” x 30”

30” Rotary Table

Horizontal Boring Mill, 4 Axis

98.4” x78.7” x 56.00”

Full B Axis

Vertical Machining Center

55.1” x 26.4” x 24.6”

Machining Tools & Parts


Please see our Equipment List Page here for complete specifications and an expansive, up-to-date list of available machine equipment, including live tooling with sub spindling, drilling, welding, cutting, milling and CNC lathes.