Precision Machining Engineering Services

All of Irwin Automation’s precision machining engineering services are done to specifically meet whatever your application needs may be. From manufacturing the part from raw material, to heat treating, to testing, all the way to packaging - all of our engineering services are in-house. This single source process gives us the ability to monitor the entire manufacturing process giving us more control over any variances that may arise resulting in the highest quality output.

At Irwin, our precision machining engineering services are second to none. We take on very complicated jobs, and have the capability to provide quick turnaround times starting with the quote. Over the past several years, we’ve invested in over ten new machines that use standardized technology for programming consistency, including Mastercam®, Gibbscam®, and SolidWorks®. Our dedicated Programming Engineer and cellular machining environment allow us to cooperatively produce parts in the most efficient fashion with significant reductions in overall turnaround time and cost.

Machining Engineering

Traceability is critical at Irwin Automation and is a critical aspect of our precision machining engineering services. We get orders and parts in, tagged and identified so at the end of the process, it can be traced all the way back to the raw materials.

We are capable of working with a number of different high temperature super alloys. We can run the full range, for example - titanium, Inconel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, copper, brass, monels, bronze, castings, carbon steels, etc. We also are capable of writing our own procedures, such as NDT, controlled procedures and heat treating testing. We have an in-house witness inspector but also work with customer and or third party inspectors on a daily basis.