Destructive Testing Services

IAI's experience and expertise and years of experience in a wide range of destructive testing services, which include but are not limited to tensile strength testing, impact testing, proof load testing, just to name a few. Below are the specifications standards we are capable are working with for our destructing testing services.

Mechanical Testing

  • Tensile testing capabilities up to 200,000 lbs. load
    • ensile testing full size and sub-size round specimens in accordance with ASTM E8 and A370
  • Impact testing capabilities up to 300 ft.-lbs.
    • Charpy impact testing in accordance with ASTM A370 and E23 to down to -320 F
  • Testing equipment is calibrated and traceable to NIST
  • Hardness testing capabilities for Rockwell and Brinell testing
  • Wedge tensile testing for Fasteners
    • Wedge tensile testing of fasteners up to 1.5” diameter in accordance with ASTM A574 and F606
  • Proof Load testing for fasteners
    • Proof Load testing of Nuts up to 1.5” diameter in accordance with ASTM F606
  • Stripping Load testing for fasteners
  • Breaking Load testing for fasteners

Load Testing

  • Hydrostatic Pressure testing
  • Hydrostatic Load Testing
  • Capability to load test fasteners and lifting devices in excess of 2 million lbs. axial load