Precision Machining Company | About Us

IAI began out of a small garage in Irwin, PA in 1965 and expanded to its current location in Greensburg, PA a year later. We provide our customers with precision machining, heat treating and testing services. Also, we have excelled for over 50 years as a key supplier for the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program by providing products designed to rigorously exacting standards.

The management is committed to our customers and employees as well as the growth of IAI. In the last 7 years, IAI has made significant investments to our facility in both capital equipment and personnel. 

In addition to precision machining, IAI has 10 heat treating furnaces  and mechanical testing and non-destructive testing equipment to support all of our customers’ needs and requirements.

Irwin Automation Facilities

At IAI, we are a precision machining company that is focused on providing the very best machined parts available anywhere, and serving our customers as a one-stop solution for machine parts manufacturing, heat treating, comprehensive quality control, complete product testing and all of our customers’ project needs.

Precision Machining

Our in-house experts have combined experience exceeding well over 100 years, with a dedicated programmer on-site. We operate in 3 shifts and offer premium packaging, pick-up and delivery services to our customers, as well as an expedited service.

At IAI, we look to develop value-added long-term relationships with every customer. Our existing customer base is made up mostly by repeat customers that have a long, satisfied history with us. Our ability to put together certification packages or “data packages” that provide full visibility into our quality is just one of the many reasons our customers believe in us and trust the work that we do.

We manufacture to a variety of military and aerospace specifications, as well as commercial specifications and customer specific drawings and requirements.